Great Choice! By selecting Fave™, you’ve chosen a delicious, refreshing way to add more vegetables and fruit to your diet. This all-natural beverage is made from 100% fruit and vegetable juice, and your whole family will love the smooth, lightly sweet taste. Enjoy.

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Each 8-ounce glass of Fave contains:

  • All-natural 100% fruit & vegetable juice
  • Three full servings of vegetables*
  • Only 60 calories
  • Antioxidant power of Vitamins A & C
  • No preservatives, artificial sweeteners or high-fructose corn syrup
  • Very low sodium
Fave Juices
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Fave is delicious for breakfast and any time of day, and it is perfect for the whole family!

*Each 8-fluid ounce glass of Fave provides the equivalent of 1 ½ cups of vegetables (3 servings). The USDA MyPyramid recommends average daily consumption of 2 ½ cups of vegetables (5 servings) for a 2,000-calorie diet.